Teens Now!, April 1973
Joyce and Ben have been friends ever since he started filming "Alias Smith and Jones" in Hollywood. And, whenever Joyce is in or near Hollywood, they always manage to have lunch and a long chat. Sometimes they do their thing at the studio...but, on this Saturday, when Ben was free, he took Joyce to The Good Life in Sherman Oaks..."my favorite hang-out," he quipped. At The Good Life you have organically grown foods. "Ben is a health food bug," Joyce told us. "At his home he whips up all kinds of health food goodies and has vitamin pills by the cases." After lunch Joyce joined Ben at the poolside of his apartment building for their chat. "Ben really is something," she said, "he may be a big star and can easily afford to live in Beverly Hills...but he'd rather live a simple life in an apartment near the Universal lot where he films." He's really a charming and a nice person to know. I am proud to call Ben Murphy my friend!"

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