by Ann Moses
Tiger Beat, August 1971

"HOME SWEET HOME WITH BEN MURPHY"--Pg. 52--Visiting Ben at his home Was really a fun "assignment" I arranged for myself and our photographer this month! I hadn't seen Ben for over two years! It was way back then that I had first interviewed Ben for a small story in TIGER BEAT following his appearance in the movie "Yours, Mine and Ours." I thought he was a doll then and I was really thrilled when all our readers began writing in about him when "Alias Smith and ]ones" came on the air. Ben lives in a small, but very comfortable, apartment just a few blocks from Universal Studios, where his series is filmed. He had a break before they resumed filming in May and we took advantage of his free time and made the trek out to photograph him "at home." When we arrived, Benjamin was sunning himself out by the pool, thankful for a few free moments to catch some rays. Once inside Ben offered us some organic apple juice and when we finished we began shooting the groovy shots you'll see in this issue!
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