SPEC 16 Magazine, August 1972
WHO'S the most delightful, delectable dude on the tube today?! None other than Ben Murphy, right?! Just close your eyes and picture big 'n beautiful Ben of ABC-TV's Alias Smith And Jones and pretend real hard that Ben invited you to his house for a day of fun! Now open your eyes and keep on reading--cos that's just what's happening!!

Hi! I'm really glad you could come! I was just sitting here working on a new screenplay. I do that in my spare time--it's kind of a hobby of mine. But now that you're here, it gives me a very pleasant excuse to stop! I'd much rather talk to you! Well, how do you like my pad? This is my study--where I work and read and putter about.

I think we'll be more comfortable in the living room. Here--have a seat right beside me. I'll just straighten up some of these letters from my fans. Hey, do you know what would really be fun--if we went out to dinner together!! I can't cook, but I sure know a groovy restaurant. Hang on just a sec, while I make a reservation--and then it's out for a night on the town!!

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