16 Magazine, 1972 or 1973
How'd you like to replace the beautiful Irish wool knit sweater Ben's wearing with your arms? Betcha you'd like to give it a whirl and let bubbly Ben warm up with you instead of his sweater! Well, to bundle up with your boy Ben is no easy task.

First of all, to even be in the running as Ben's "special sweater," you'd better be super-sensitive to his feelings, moods, ego, and pride. (Cos underneath this rugged, strong hunk is a very insecure guy who needs your love and assurance above everything else!) You'd better be able to roll with the punches and not expect him to be all-giving all of the time.

Sorry, 16-ers, but it takes a special kind of a woman to submerge her will, feelings, and needs to her man. Ben need this kind of woman! He doesn't give love and trust easily, but once given, he never takes it away. One girl captured this cowboy's heart once, and then found she didn't want it! Can you imagine?!

Would you capture Ben's heart and then return it? Or are you the kind of girl--a one-in-a-million type--who will restore Ben's faith in womanhood? Are you the one who would make Ben permanently replace his sweater with your arms? You just might be the one!

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