Teen Pin-Ups, July 1971
can be described as handsome, talented, athletic and scholarly. He has two Bachelor of Arts degrees. one in international relations and the other in theater arts. In addition to starring as Kid Curry on "Alias Smith and Jones" he is also taking graduate courses in physical education and theater arts. An important discovery he made about himself in college is he works best with an occasional change of scenery. In what he describes as "a trip away from his middle-class background," he attended eight colleges. Ben appeared in the films "The Graduate" and "Yours, Mine and Ours." Besides co-starring as a reporter on "The Name of the Game," he has also made guest appearances on "The Virginian" and "It Takes a Thief." In his leisure time, he likes to swim, ski, and play tennis. He was born on March 6 in Jonesboro. Ark., but grew up in Chicago. Ben now lives in an apartment in the San Fernando Valley.
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