by James Robert Parish and Vincent Terrance
1989, p. 353-354
It Takes a Thief ep A Matter of Royal Larceny 11.26.67 ABC [sic, airdate 4.23.68]
The Virginian ep The Decision 3.13.68 NBC
Name of the Game (series) 9.27.68 to 3.19.71 NBC
The Outsider ep Tell It Like It Was...And You're Dead 12.4.68 NBC
Medical Center ep His Brother's Keeper 4.1.70 CBS
Mod Squad ep A Far Away Place So Near 11.17.70 ABC
Alias Smith and Jones (telefilm) 1.5.71 ABC
Alias Smith and Jones (series) 1.21.71 to 1.13.73 ABC
The Letters (telefilm) 3.6.73 ABC
Love, American Style ep The Pen Pal Caper 3.9.73 ABC
Runaway (telefilm) 9.29.73 ABC
Griff (series) 9.29.73 to 1.4.74 ABC
Heat Wave (telefilm) 1.26.74 ABC
This Is the West That Was (telefilm) 12.17.74 NBC
Marcus Welby, M.D. ep Four-Plus Hot 2.4.75 ABC
Bridger (telefilm) 9.10.76 ABC
The Gemini Man (telefilm) 5.10.76 NBC
The Gemini Man (series) 9.26.76 to 10.28.76 NBC
Battle of the Network Stars ep 11.13.76, 11.3.83 ABC
Fantasy Island ep The Boxer 2.10.79 ABC
The Love Boat ep The Best of Friends 2.10.79 ABC
Sweepstakes ep 3.30.79 NBC
The Chisholms (miniseries) 3.29, 4.5, 4.12, 4.19.79 CBS
The Chisholms (series) 1.19.80 to 3.15.80 CBS
The Secret War of Jackie's Girls (telefilm) 11.29.80 NBC
Unit 4 (pilot) 9.29.81 CBS
Trapper John, M.D. ep Medicine Man 2.21.82 CBS
Fantasy Island ep Operation Breakout 1.15.83 ABC
Uncommon Valor (telefilm) 1.22.83 CBS
The Winds of War (miniseries) 2.6 to 2.13.83 ABC
The Love Boat ep The Maid Cleans Ep 3. 12.83 ABC
Matt Houston ep The Beverly Woods Social Club 3.13.83 ABC
The Guiding Light ep 5.21, 5.22, 5.24.83 CBS
The Cradle Will Fall (telefilm) 5.24.83 CBS
Lottery (series) 9.3.83 to 3.29.84 ABC
The Love Boat ep Polly's Poker Palace 2.4.84 ABC
Finder of Lost Loves ep Losing Touch 10.13.84 ABC
Hotel ep Fantasies 10.17.84 ABC
The Love Boat ep The Wager 11.3.84 ABC
Berringer's (series) 1.5.85 to 3.16.85 NBC
MacGruder and Loud ep On the Wire 2.12.85 ABC
Gidget's Summer Reunion (telefilm) 6.85 NN
Scarecrow and Mrs. King ep A Lovely Little Affair 9.23.85 CBS
Murder, She Wrote ep Reflections in the Mind 11.3.85 CBS
The Love Boat ep Gopher's Decision 2.1.86 ABC
Stark: Mirror Image (telefilm) 5.14.86 CBS
The Dirty Dozen: The Series (series) 4.30.88 to 8.21.88 FOX

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