My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows
by Kathryn Leigh Scott, Pomgranate Press, 1986
p. 37
Roger Davis showed up one afternoon with his new girl friend, a nineteen-year-old Texas beauty named Ellen. She'd arrived in Manhattan only weeks before to embark on a modeling career and eagerly showed us her portfolio. Her beauty was staggering--I've never since met anyone quite so lovely--and we happily assured Roger that Ellen, who used the professional name, Jaclyn Smith, had a good chance of making it as a model. As the romance blossomed, she visited the studio frequently and soon Roger announced their engagement.
p. 147 - Roger's roles in Dark Shadows: [CJC's Note: Dark Shadows episodes moved between various time periods and each actor usually played multiple roles]
Jeff Clark (6/70 - present time period of 1966-70, House of Dark Shadows movie)
Ned Stuart (6/70)
Peter Bradford (1795 time period)
Ghost of Peter (6/70)
Dirk Wilkins (1897 time period)
Charles Delaware Tate (1897, 6/70)

A few photos, from various sources, of Roger in Dark Shadows:

As Peter Bradford in 1795 time, with Danielle (Marie Wallace).

As Dirk Williams in 1897 time, with vampire Barnabus Collins (Jonathan Frid).

As Peter Bradford in 1795 time, being hung as the boyfriend of a witch.

As Jeff Clark in the movie "House of Dark Shadows", rescuing girlfriend Maggie (Kathryn Leigh Scott) from Barnabus. Assisting is Willie Lomas (John Karlen).


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