flip, November 1971

Ben Murphy likes quiet things--quiet girls, quiet places and quiet walks through a pleasant park.

He leads a fast life and quiet things are hard to come by. He works very hard on "Alias Smith and Jones," in addition to doing public appearances, so when he does have a chance for a little peace and quiet, he takes it!

So it's a happy day when he calls and asks if you can meet him in the small park, high in the Laurel Canyon area near his home. When you arrive, you find him dressed comfortably and walking his long-legged walk casually around the park, stopping every now and then to gaze out over the city, sit on a rock, or lie on the cool grass.

You join him at a lovely stone wishing well, where you pause to make a wish. He won't tell you what he's wished for, but the smile on his face says it was for something very nice . .. maybe for the two of you!

A little while later, while sitting peacefully on a large rock, Ben tells you about some of the things he'd done on his recent vacation from the show.

"Oh, I skied and played tennis and started singing lessons and guitar lessons. And I was in a couple of parades--being Grand Marshall and things like that."

When you ask him if he's planning to make some records, he replies teasingly, "No, I'm just going to sing--in the shower, on the freeway, and things like that!"

Then he becomes thoughtful again and you resume roaming around the park. He looks very much at home in the park, like maybe this is where he really belongs, rather than out there in the rough world of acting. But then he looks at his watch and realizes he's used up all of his quiet time for that day. Now he has to go back into town for an important meeting. So he climbs back into his light blue Impala convertible, with you beside him.

As he drops you at your door and heads back into the noisy, bustling city, you can't help but think that there are a lot of quiet things you'd like to do with Ben Murphy!

Photo Caption (upper right) : Ben shows you tile fabulous view of Los Angeles he has from the park.

Photo Caption (below): The wishing well has become one of Ben's favorite places and now it's one of yours, too.

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