16 Magazine, July 1972
WOW!! What could be more delicious than to have marvelous Ben Murphy for your very own?! But like all delicious things, there are two aspects to consider--so, to be Ben's girl, you're gonna have to take the sudden surprises with the steady delights! And also--with your beautiful Ben--you have to know when to act and when to be calm--otherwise, you'll turn him off completely!!

Last month in 16, you read Ben's Love-O-Scope and found out all about his Love horoscope! This month, try your hand at his personal Love Quiz to find out if you're exactly the right girl for Ben! Read the questions carefully, then write X in the box after the one answer you think is correct. Be sure 'n answer honestly--cos that's the only way you'll find out if you're really the girl for this Delicious Love Demon! When you've finished answering all questions, turn the page upside down to see how you scored with your boy Ben!!

1. On a date with Ben, I'd rather-
A. Give a party together []
B. Read poetry in front of a roaring fire []
C. Go to a baseball game []

2. I like a guy who is
A. Enthusiastic []
B. Tough []
C. Gentle []

3. Ben was supposed to pick you up at 6 P.M. At 8:30 P.M., the phone rings and he apologizes for "...getting lost in some really great poetry" and says he'll be right over. I'd-
A. Tell him not to bother--but to make a date for another night []
B. Ask him to bring the book of poems with him []
C. Not answer the phone, cos I'd know it would be Ben with some excuse []

4. On the night of a special date, Ben arrives at your door with a few friends he "just bumped into." I would-
A. Tell them: "How nice to see you. I'm sorry that Ben and I have to leave right away." []
B. Be delighted at the unexpected change in plans and welcome them warmly []
C. Tell them all-including Ben-to please leave and slam the door []

5. If-after the third date-Ben hadn't said anything about "us" or "our relationship," I'd-
A. Forget him []
B. Wait to see if he called again []
C. Ask him how he felt about me []

6. Ben finally told you that he loves you, but he hasn't called you for an entire week. I'd-
A. Cry a whole lot, but wait for him to call []
B. Call him and ask him if anything was wrong[]
C. Have dinner with Roger Davis just to show Ben I didn't care []



l--B; 2--C; 3-B; 4--B; 5--B; 6--A or possibly B.
So you see, the Bs have it for your beautiful Ben!
For a detailed explanation of why these answers are correct, re-read Ben's Love-O-Scope in your June ish of 16!!

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