By George Maksian
Unknown Newspaper, January 5, 1972
Roger Davis, who has replaced the late Peter Duel in ABC's comic Western series, Alias Smith and Jones, will make his first appearance in an episode entitled "The Biggest Game in the West," to be telecast Thursday, Feb. 3, at 8 p.m.

Production has already started in Hollywood on the 19th show in the series. Executive producer Roy Huggins still has four more to film to fill out the season. After that the series will go into repeats.

Duel, 31, died on New Year's Eve at his Hollywood Hills home of a gunshot wound in the head. Police say it probably was self-inflicted.

A spokesman for Universal-TV, which produces the series, said that no explanation will be made in the story line when the switch in roles is made. He said it will be done in much the same manner as when Dick Sargent took over for Dick York in Bewitched in 1969.

Davis, a native of Louisville, Ky., made his TV acting debut some years ago in an ABC series called The Gallant Men. Later, for a number of years, he appeared in ABC's daytime serial, Dark Shadows, playing a variety of roles.

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