SPEC 16 Magazine, December 1972
Big, bad ‘n beautiful Ben Murphy of ABC's Alias Smith and Jones fame isn't always riding a horse or outrunning the law! Join Ben now as he gives you an inteimate glimpse of himself during his "off duty" hours.

Hi there, 16-ers! You'll never guess what day it is--willya? Well, it's Saturday and I have the whole day off. Guess what else--today we're going to do something very different, something we've never done before together. So grab your "grungies," file 'em in your tote and come on away with me--because we're gonna drop out for the day!

Yep, drop out, that's right! I'm not gonna shave, you don't have to comb your hair and we're gonna do exactly what we feel like doing when we feel like doing it! So wear your most comfortable clothes--I am.

Bring your fav old warm sweater and get set for a fab day! We're going for a walk to watch the fishermen on the wharf and maybe help them catch a few fish.

You'll notice I've changed into my French fisherman's outfit, just to get into the swing of things. Hey--let's take a ride in a fishing boat--I'd love to see your hair blow in the wind. But don'tcha fret, I brought a beret for you so the wind won't make you cold, just messy--but then again, we're on the bum today! And, besides, I'll put my arm around you just to make sure you don't shiver!

Wow! Days like this are too few and far between--I wish I had time for lots more of them, but thanks for sharing this one with me and making it so special.

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