Photoplay Film Monthly, November 1975
THEY'VE called him a playboy, even the world's greatest lover. Certainly Ben Murphy is one of TV's most eligible bachelors.

He came to fame as Thaddeus Jones with the late Pete Duel in Alias Smith And Jones, a series which made both Ben and Pete big stars. With Pete's tragic death (he committed suicide) Ben lost a great buddy. They made an ideal screen couple.

Today Ben stars with Lorne Greene in the Griff series in somewhat of a lesser spectacular, but nevertheless interesting role of a private eye named Mike Murdoch.

Almost two years ago Ben achieved a certain notoriety when he appeared in some sensational and revealing pictures with a blonde rock singer which illustrated a magazine article about his love life.

It didn't harm his image one iota. He didn't mind posing for those pictures; says he's proud of his body and that it's nice having females admire it.

He has no marriage plans; "maybe later", and lives in a rustic Hollywood apartment just a few minutes away from the studio where he works on Griff. In his free time he loves reading novels, skiing, swimming, tennis, horseback riding and mastering karate. He once wrote a book about his lonely travels across America, Mexico and Canada. "I've always been intrigued by those isolated roadside diners, curious characters who work and live in the middle of nowhere and people who have found their particular nirvana."

His contract with Universal was recently extended. He stars in their movie Sidecar Racers.

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