Encore Programs Ad, probably mid-1990s

As common criminals, Hannibal Heyes & Kid Curry earned their reputation as the best in the West. Now they want out and think the Amnesty Act will restore them to the government's good graces. But before being pardoned, they are forced to prove themselves by assuming new identities and behaving as model citizens, "Alias Smith & Jones." Regardless of the temptation or provocation, they must keep their end or the Governor will put them on ice for good. High-spirited good humor is the hallmark of this series. "Smith" & "Jones" have a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid kind of relationship. A rousing rapport, derring-do, and contagious comedy mark their every episode. Many a colorful character populates these tales from the Wild West making the guest star list impressive:
Sally Field
Bradford Dillman
Burl Ives
Lee Majors
Howard Duff
Rory Calhoun
Michele Lee
Don Ameche
Slim Pickens
Vera Miles
Susan Strasberg
Buddy Ebsen
Whether they're the devilish Hannibal Heyes & Kid Curry or their angelic alter egos, Alias Smith & Jones are an unbeatable combination that delivers pure entertainment.
43 Hours from MCA TV
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