TV Family, January 1973(?)
Dear TV Family:

I would like to start a note book on Ben Murphy. I would like to know his birth date and movies he has been in, and any other information on him. I would also like to know where to write to him. I enjoy your magazine very much. Thank you for everything.

Cindy C.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Cindy:

Ben Murphy was born on March 6th in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He grew up in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale, where his parents still live.

Ben had a costarring role as young reporter Joe Sample on The Name Of The Game series. He also had parts in such movies as The Graduate, The Thousand Plane Raid, and Yours, Mine and Ours. His TV credits include The Virginian, It Takes a Thief and The Outsider.

Ben is still a bachelor and he lives in an apartment near Universal Studios. He likes to swim, ski, ride horses and play tennis.


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