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March 7, 1973

Photo Caption: Ben is one of the young leading men of Hollywood with the brightest future, thanks to the TV show that he has.

Ben Murphy was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1941, exactly during the Second World War.

He is an extravert with a happy character and very stubborn. He doesn't miss a single day of the week going to the Hollywood studios and trying to convince the producers that "I am the man you need. Look at my physical appearance. That's an actor."

He had some small roles, second and third parts. But not in the movies, in television.

One day, the producers realized he had a strong physical similarity to Ryan O'Neil, the star of Love Story. This gave him the opportunity to do the series "Alias Smith and Jones" which initially was shown in Mexico with the name of "The Two Musketeers," and later continued to be shown under the original title.

They joined Ben with Pete Duel, the two young men, in order to interpret a story of 27 chapters: "Two men accused of robbing, that achieve conditional freedom in order to struggle for their innocence. Their destiny is to obtain an armistice." Nevertheless, in each episode, they further put off the moment at which they can get the proof needed to obtain their complete freedom.

At the core of the series, Ben has achieved consolidation of his name, principally among the 15-year-old girls, who border on hysteria when they are close to him.

Ben Murphy -- an actor with a good star!

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