FaVE!, September 1971

1. Loves blind dates.
2. Wants to travel around the world someday.
3. Has a huge notebook describing his travels through Mexico, Canada, and US.
4. Digs snow skiing.
5. Favorite date is for tennis.
6. Enjoys getting "wrong number" phone calls.
7. Favorite times of the day are dawn and dusk.
8. Loves shiney hair on girls--doesn't matter what color!
9. Describes himself as "a devoted girl-watcher!"
10. Doesn't like people who "play games" with other's feelings.
11. Admires total honesty.
12. Admits to being a movie freak.
13. Loves to see girls in minis because he loves legs!
14. Favorite "escape place" is the desert.
15. Owns a 1966 aquamarine Chevy convertible.
16. Has two college degrees: one from University of Illinois for political science and another for drama from the Pasadena Playhouse in Los Angeles.
17. Considers himself a little bit of a "loner."
18. Favorite season is Spring.
19. Sometimes forgets to celebrate holidays!
20. Hopes to have a wife and children someday.
21. Eats lots of health foods!
22. Wants to write screenplays.
23. Describes his future dream house as being surrounded by greenery and being very spacious.
24. Prefers Spanish Mediterranean furniture over all other kinds.
25. Believes in love at first sight!
26. First professional job was one line in "The Graduate."
27. Hopes to someday do stage plays again.
28. Says he makes friends easily--but becoming close friends takes lots more time!
29. "Chit-chat" conversations bore him.
30. Has a younger brother named Timmy.
31. Believes a girl should have a positive outlook about herself.
32. Prefers dressing in blue jeans, shirt, and sandals.
33. Likes girls with spunk: "shrinking violets" are not his type.
34. Loves taking short trips on the spur of the moment.
35. Appreciates little cards that are hand-made.
36. Has a green belt in karate.
37. Spends a few minutes each day exercising with weights.
38. Describes himself as a "pretty bad cook."
39. Loves walking around the city after an early morning rain!
40. Up-tight, negative people make him nervous!
41. Just began guitar lessons.
42. Attended five different universities.
43. Was going to make baseball a career--before he found acting.
44. Has a huge collection of books.
45. Family used to call him "Benjy" when he was very young.
46. Favorite dessert is "almost any kind of fruits."
47. Lives in an apartment in North Hollywood.
48. Digs cross-country travel by car.
49. Thrilled by all the fan mail he's receiving.
50. Wants you to know that he hopes to meet YOU someday too!
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