FAB 208, ca. 1974
Had a luverly chat with ROGER DAVIS this week, and here's the latest! Alias Smith and Jones is out of action and has been for quite some time but that doesn't mean Roger is doing likewise. He just starred in a movie for television called Killer Bees and I'll be sending along some pix of him from that flick just as soon as they arrive in the post.

In a few weeks, Roger is off to Montana to film another movie, this one for theatrical release (that's how we distinguish between movies for TV and regular movies, the latter now being called a theatrical movie - however, that doesn't apply on your side of the great water because many of our movies for television are released over there in theatres) (if anyone has any idea what I just said. I think you deserve some kind of award).

In his spare time, Roger is still dabbling in the real estate and still collecting antique furniture. He fell in love with same during college. (More about that, with pictures, on pages 22 and 23). Needless to say, he sends love. In fact he got quite poetic and started quoting and/or misquoting goodies like "a man who hasn't seen England in the Spring hasn't lived" and various others until we got to laughing. He hopes to see all of you soon, by the way, and is wondering if Alias Smith and Jones is still being shown there. Would appreciate an answer which I'll pass on to Rog.

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