FLIP, August 1972
It's always nice to be able to report good news. So it is with great pleasure that we report that "Alias Smith And Jones" has been picked up by ABC-TV for another season.

As we revealed in the June issue of FLIP, there had been a lot of problems with the show. The ratings weren't very spectacular. The show was consistently late in production. And everyone on the set was uncomfortable after Pete Duel committed suicide and was replaced on the show by Roger Davis.

But everyone pitched in and worked as hard as they could, and it paid off. Despite low ratings--which usually spell doom for any show--the show has been guaranteed a time spot on next season's schedule. The only unfortunate thing is that it will air opposite "All In The Family", which is a consistently high rated show and very stiff competition for any show.

"Smith and Jones" survived the death of its star, and most people connected with it believe it can survive stiff competition, too. Roger Davis and Ben Murphy are both getting over whatever uncomfortable feelings they had about Pete's death and both are more than willing to put hours of hard work into making this show a success.

They've both enjoyed vacations during the hiatus and are refreshed and ready for work. They'll go back into production at Universal Studios later this month.

Very few people thought the show would be back next fall, but happily they were wrong. "Alias Smith and Jones" fans can sit through re-runs all summer with the happy knowledge that there will be new shows in the fall.

Welcome back "Smith" and "Jones"--and Ben and Roger!

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