TV Guide, September 10, 1083

A man comes up to you and says, "Congratulations! You've just won three million dollars in the lottery!" If that isn't your favorite fantasy, you're already rich--or you're lying through your teeth. Either way, you've just heard the entire premise of this series, which is--let us be diplomatic--strongly reminiscent of The Millionaire, which did well enough to produce 188 episodes in its five-year-run (1955-60). Each one-hour show will follow the fortunes (a little joke there) of several winners--saints, sinners, and all-too-human combinations of both (you and me, kid). Ben Murphy stars as Patrick Sean Flaherty, the lottery man who giveth the money, and Marshall Colt is Eric Rush, the IRS man who taketh away. The man behind this daydream is Rick Rosner, creator of CHiPS, who wants to be in them again. ABC. Pictured (l,-r): Marshall Colt, Ben Murphy.
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