SPEC 16 Magazine, November 1972

What Can You Do When The Guy You Dig Explodes?! Plenty--Read On And Find Out How To Stay Super-Cool When He's Red-Hot!

Dynamite can suddenly EXPLODE--and so can BEN MURPHY! Though you've always pictured Ben as a good-natured, easy-going type--here's a deep, dark and--till-now well-hidden secret about beautiful-but-bafflin' Ben--HE HAS A FIERY TEMPER! And when he blows up, watch out! He can be mean and fierce or sullen and withdrawn or the sweetest and most lovable angel around--it all depends on how you, little miss, handle him.

And here's the scariest part--there are no rules to guide you in how to handle this hunk of handsomeness once you get started with him. He's as unpredictable as a cloud blowing across the sky--it may appear to be going in one direction while it is actually moving in the opposite one! Thus, you may think things are going along as-smooth-as-velvet when suddenly Ben's feathers get ruffled by something you say that you find very inoffensive--and he gets up and walks out on you! Perhaps you hurt his super-sensitive feelings, or maybe a mood is passing over him and you just happened to say the wrong word at the wrong moment.

What to do? When dealing with a moody man like Ben, sometimes you have to try to be as neutral as possible in your own personality. But, on the other hand, sometimes you have to react with equal force to gain this stick of dynamite's respect! And sometimes--for the sake of the relationship--you'll have to give in when you really don't feel like it.

But, whatever Ben's mood, you must be super-kind and understanding, but yet avoid babying him. You may have to learn by trial and error what you can and cannot say when he's in these moody moments. You will have to be very forgiving, and remember that what he may say to you in the heat of anger is not what he means at all! You have to sense when to argue and when to back down by the signals Ben will give you. Obviously, if talk is making him impatient, hold the chatter till he's in a better frame of mind.

Most of all, you need to be patient and loving with a guy like Ben. You must always remember that he needs "cooling off" time after he lets his temper erupt--cos he's always sorry by the next day and he'll seek your forgiveness eagerly. Accept his apologies graciously--and always, but always, no matter what mood Ben's in, let this smoldering dynamite lover know that you love him very much!

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