Excerpt from column
SPEC 16 Magazine or 16 Magazine, late 1972
Another fav returning to your living room celluloid-box is "Kid Curry"--alias beautiful Ben Murphy! Come Saturday, September 16, at 8 P.M., pull up the most comfy chair in your living room, get yourself a little snack and turn your TV to ABC--cos that's where you'll find those two outrageous outlaws, Ben "Kid Curry" Murphy and Roger "Hannibal Heyes" Davis. Be sure not to miss one exciting episode as these gangster-pranksters fumblingly outwit their pursuers... Speaking of Roger Davis, you can catch him in an entirely different garb on NBC next fall in Night Gallery. This sparkling spook loved his daytime soap Dark Shadows so much that he is once again playing the role of a ghostly ghoul!
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