TV Guide, September 18, 1976
This season's Gemini Man, unlike last year's Invisible Man, doesn't have to take his clothes off to disappear. Sam Casey (Ben Murphy) was caught in a radioactive explosion that affected his body's cellular structure. "Your DNA helix is out of whack" is the scientific explanation offered by Dr. Abby Lawrence (Katherine Crawford) in the series' pilot. Sam has the ability to pop in and out of visibility (clothes and all) by flicking a gadget he wears on his wrist. There's a catch, however--he can't stay invisible for more than 15 minutes a day. Only two people know Sam's peculiar talents--Leonard Driscoli (William Sylvester), director of a think tank called Intersect, where Sam is employed; and Abby Lawrence, who clocks his fade-outs on a remote-control timer. As each episode approaches the final commercial, she's the one who'll be biting her lip and saying, "It's too late! His time has run out!" Debut: NBC, Sept. 20. Pictured: Katherine Crawford, Ben Murphy.

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