flip, July 1972
In the past few months, carefree Ben Murphy has suddenly been weighted down with a heavy load of sadness and responsibility. Is he now looking for someone to share these sad--and happy--times with him? Is he ready to "settle down"?

Ben Murphy's been through some changes in the last year--some good and some not so good. As the co-star of "Alias Smith and Jones," he tasted success and the security of having his own weekly television series. He got used to working regularly and really getting to develop one role.

He grew as an actor and learned a lot during that first season. And as a person, he had a lot of fun.

He became a regular Hollywood playboy, going out with different girls all the time, always ready for a good time.

He didn't frequent the big Hollywood parties, but preferred smaller, more intimate ones. And he didn't allow any one girl to tie him down.

But then on December 31st of last year, his co-star and friend, Peter Duel, shot and killed himself. At first Ben couldn't believe this terrible thing was true, but eventually he had to accept the reality that Pete was gone.

He went through a period of deep thought and adjustment. Suddenly he had to work with a new co-star. And he had to put up with questions from everyone about Pete and how well he'd known Pete and did he know why Pete might have done it. It seemed they would never leave him alone.

Then came the worry over whether or not the show would be picked up for a second season. The rating hadn't been too great even before Pete's death and no one could know for sure what effect his death would have on the show.

At the end of the season, Ben split town for a little time to himself. He went north for some skiing and then down into Texas to do some theater--something he'd missed doing while he was so involved with television.

If the show is picked up, Ben will come back to Hollywood ready for another season of hard work. If it's not, he'll be free to accept other roles, perhaps guest spots on other series, perhaps a movie.

But no matter what happens with the show, some of Ben's friends have agreed that there are going to be some changes in Ben's life. It's as though he's matured a little. Some even think he might be ready to settle down with one girl.

She'd have to be one very special girl though. She'd have to be a loving, affectionate, intelligent girl who'd always be ready for fun and good times, but who would also be ready to listen whenever Ben needed someone to talk to.

She most likely would not be an actress, for Ben feels one actor in a family is enough. She'd have to be patient and honest and real. He doesn't dig phonies.

Do you think she could be you? Are you the girl for Ben Murphy?

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