Granada Plus (UK Cable Channel)
Aired March 2002

I'll tell you what my ..... my lasting memory, what I'm always struck by, is that my career peaked with Alias Smith and Jones and, in a way, I knew it, at the time. I thought to myself, 'It doesn't get better than this,' and it never has. I've had other shows that I enjoyed and other situations, but, but, the chemistry and the reception that the show still has for people, I have never been able to find again. And so my lasting, my memory, sometimes when I run into Roger Davis on the street and we reminisce I wish that er [PAUSE, LOOKING AWAY FROM INTERVIEWER] I wish that Peter had stayed alive so that we could have those times together, so that we could look back fondly because a lot of people enjoyed that show. They enjoyed it more than we realized at the time. I think the audiences are like us, see the audience still likes the show and gets joy from the show. That's our, that's our, that's what we should be proud of, I think, as actors.


I was surprised about the death but, I wasn't surprised that something would happen because Peter, Peter was troubled. He was, Peter was the most lovable, gracious man. He, I mean, he was what you saw on screen. You would love him and like him but he took everything to heart. If a whale died off the coast-- that bothered Peter. Social injustice bothered Peter. He was an idealist, to the core. And he did drink and he had a troubled relationship and he had a gun. And I think all those things came together, along with New Year's Eve, to create a moment in time which caused him to kill himself. I do believe it was suicide. I don't think it was an accident. I'm sure that if he were here today and I would look at him and I'd go, 'Petey.' He would give me that impish grin and he would admit he, he messed up, you know. But I'm not sure he wouldn't do it again. I'm not sure any of us wouldn't live our lives the same way but you would have loved him.
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