Excerpt from THE GRAPEVINE
SPEC 16 Magazine, August 1972
FLASH!! Thanks to you--and millions of other Smith And Jones luvvers-ABC-TV has decided to keep its groovy TV series Alias Smith And Jones on the air for yet another season! That means that all summer you'll be seeing BEN MURPHY as "Kid Curry" and the late, great PETE DUEL as "Hannibal Heyes". Then, when the new TV season starts in September--you will see BEN continuing as "Kid Curry" and handsome, talented ROGER DAVIS becoming the "Hannibal Heyes" regular on the show.

And that's not all! Smith And Jones (tentatively) has a new time slot! It'll probably be on Saturday at 8 P.M.. Guess you know what that means--it means that Smith and Jones will be fighting such incredible competition as CBS's All In The Family and NBC's Emergency, starring Randy Mantooth! Golly, guess you'll have to get three TV sets and just keep them all going at once on Saturday night!!

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