Movie Mirror, March 1977
The only thing Ben likes better than flexing his muscles in a gym, tennis court or pool, is sharing his favorite pastimes with a lovely lady!

For all you star-gazing gals out there ... here's some tantalizing tidbits straight from Movie Mirror's super sleuths on where to "accidentally" stumble into one of your fave Hollywood heartthrobs--Mr. Ben Murphy!

Our advice to you is pin your hair back, remove your nail polish and make-up, and hurry ‘up and join a gym. Yup, you heard right ... ‘cause Ben just isn't your typical Tinseltown type.

Ben readily admits he shuns the usual lush life of many stars. He pursues--with a member of the opposite sex whenever possible--the healthy life instead. His haunts are local gyms, tennis courts, and the wide open spaces.

And just in case you're wondering if you'll ever get to meet gorgeous Ben without a femme fatale at his side, the answer is yes. If you don't mind jogging at 6 in the ayem, that is!

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