Tiger Beat, August 1968
Hi! I'm Ben Murphy and if you've been to the movies lately you might have caught a glimpse of me as one of the fraternity brothers in "The Graduate" or seen me as the boy Henry Fonda sets straight in "Yours, Mine and Ours," also starring Lucille Ball.

I grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas (don't be surprised it I still have a bit of a drawl!) and before starting my acting career I attended five universities! You might call me a college drop-in.

I really began to get interested in acting while in college and after I graduated from the University of Illinois I studied drama at the Pasadena Playhouse. I did a lot of summer stock across the country, but it wasn't until I signed my contract with Universal Studios that I really felt I was on my way.

When that happened they immediately put me to work doing two "Virginian" shows, an episode of "To Catch A Thief" and a part in a new detective series called "The Outsider." Some other bits of information you might like to know about me:

STATISTICS: I'm 26 years old, born on March 6. I have blond hair, blue eyes, stand 5' 11" tall and weigh 170 pounds, My parents' names are Patrick and Nadine Murphy and I have a younger brother named Timothy.

FAVORITES: Have you ever tried to pick out your very favorite this or that? It's pretty hard, but here are some of my fave things: color, red; food, sandwiches; drink, Coke; dessert, hot fudge sundaes; clothes, everything today; group, Beatles; car, Jaguar; actor, James Dean; actress, Julie Christie; city, Los Angeles.

PHOTO CAPTION: Here's Ben Murphy in a screen test for "Patch".

HOBBIES: My hobbies, or the little projects I sometimes get involved in, change all the time, but I consistently enjoy--reading (my favorite author right now is Truman Capote), writing (I keep a type of travel log of all my journeys), baseball (this was my first ambition) and basketball.

GIRLS: A favorite topic of mine! I love them in all shapes and sizes. First of all, I'm a confirmed bachelor (for right now anyway) so I do really love dating many girls. I usually like to date girls that are younger than me because they seem to be more natural and not over sophisticated. I dig naturalness in everything from make-up to hair to the way a girl acts. I also admire honesty in a girl. Beauty--well, to me that means the kind of person a girl is inside. I'm just a fun-loving guy looking for fun-loving girls.

DATING: My dates usually wind up to reflect my mood at that moment. It may be a fancy dinner followed by dancing, but it may also be a moonlight horseback ride. I love doing almost anything as long as it takes two (or more) and means lots of laughter and good times.

MY LIFE: Today I'm happier than I've ever been because I'm really starting out in my career. It's only a start, but I'm proud of what I've done so far and I can't wait to work even harder in the future. Someday I'd like to make my own films, but right now I'm loving just about everything I'm doing.

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