By J.F.
FAB 208, 1972 or 1973

Recently one of FAB's roving photographers has been to meet dIshy ROGER DAVIS at home in California. So join us there!

Roger, co-star of Alias Smith and Jones, is a great do-it-yourself addict and spends a great deal of his recreation time in restoration - 're-modelling' as Americans call it.

The small brown house is Roger's latest acquisition, and the one he's working on at present. It's in a cottage style with a large lounge, three bedrooms, one main reception room and lovely patio. The inside walls of the house have been painted a chocolatey brown, and the deep pile carpets are the same colour, with white paintwork. He plans to have modern furniture here.

By contrast, his big white house is palatial! It, too, is in Beverly Hills, in Coldwater Canyon, and was built forty ago in the colonial style. Roger is very interested in antiques, especially Sheraton furniture because he studied the eighteenth century at college, and so this magnificent abode is full of beautiful period pieces. The house has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a billiards room, an oak panelled den with a fireplace, and of course reception rooms etc.

There are extensive lawns at the front of the house kept in trim by contract gardeners who arrive in big lorries with their mowers etc, and proceed to pretty up the whole neighbourhood! Roger says that he has layed thirty-thousand bricks in his garden, making paths, an arbour, and putting bricks around the swimming pool at the back.

The land was once owned by AL JOLSON although he never built on it, and his famous neighbours include GROUCHO MARX and GEORGE PEPPARD across the street and LUCILLE BALL and MICHAEL DOUGLAS who live nearby.

Roger is quite a property investor, what with renting out houses to visiting film stars, business men and SONNY and CHER's manager - and even owns a block of flats! He seems to have a special knack at improving the places he owns - just goes to show, There's no place like home!

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