16 Magazine, March 1972

WHEN YOU'RE WATCHING Ben Murphy on Alias Smith And Jones, you probably think, "Wow, this guy is dynamite!" And you're right--cos he can explode! But if you know how to handle him, you'll never see Ben blow up. Instead, he'll be the gentle, caring guy you want him to be. So to get you ready for your rendezvous with gorgeous Ben Murphy, you're gonna find out all about him--and then you'll know just how to handle this doll!!


Some people think Ben is just a little softer than Pete Duel, but don't count on it, cuties--cos this guy only has a sweeter look. Deep down inside, he's a real tiger-- tough and always on guard.

Ben is the silent type. You'll always be wondering what he's thinking about--you or some far-off place. He's an avid reader and often he just wants to be alone to read and think, but be prepared for him when he calls. This guy doesn't want to hear that you have to wash your hair and can't go out tonight. That should have been done earlier. He's ready for you-- and he expects you to be ready for him! When he does call, chances are he isn't going to ask you to a crowded party or anything like that. This Murphy-doll wants to be with you--and you alone. He wants to get to know you when you're natural and not trying to impress other people.


On your first date, Ben may take you to a movie. It's usually a flick about something real deep, cos this way you'll have a lot to talk about afterwards. This is one way in which Ben gets to know you--by your reactions to the different emotions in the film. You'll have to be honest all the time too, cos Ben isn't interested in hearing you tell him what you think he wants to hear. He wants your sincere and spontaneous feelings. And Ben knows when you're being honest and when you're not. He seems to have a sixth sense in understanding people!

When you first start dating Ben, it's gonna be rough going if you're not physically in shape. He is a health bug in every sense of the word. He eats mostly health foods and takes super care of his body. This means quite a bit of exercise. Of course, if you're not able to keep up with him at first, he'll understand, but he'd prefer that you can --so start doing your deep knee bends now! You know Ben likes girls to act natural, but he also wants them to look natural. That means-- don't over-do it in the make-up department.

Nothing could be more appealing to Ben than a home-cooked meal of all his health food goodies. To follow it up, he might take out his guitar and sing some soft and tender songs to you. That means he's warming up to you and likes your company, so don't say you've got to go do the dishes. That can wait--right now you're the center of attraction for him, so take advantage while it lasts. Remember, in half an hour Ben might drift off into one of his daydreams--and then you can wash the dishes.

This adorable guy is a lot to handle, and although at times he appears to be indifferent--he's not really cold. All Ben needs is some tender loving care--and you! If you are honest and let him know how you feel about him, he's gonna be the same with you. If he comes on strong, be ready to soften him up. Ben likes to love and be loved, and all you have to do is try to understand him--cos he's going to make it a point to understand you--and that's what love is all about! But proceed with caution--cos he's red hot!!

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