ABC Photograph, ABC Visual Communication
March 29, 1984
Affable IRS Agent Eric Rush and dapper bank official Patrick Flaherty (series stars Marshall Colt, left center, and Ben Murphy, right center, respectively) encounter a bevy of bathing beauties when they travel to Hawaii to track down the missing half of a winning ticket in "Honolulu: 3-2=1," an episode of the ABC Television Network's "LOTTERY!," airing THURSDAY, MARCH 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m., EST).

Also pictured are (top most, l and r) Susan Olar, Natalie Zimmerman, (standing, l to r) Dorlie Fong, Sandra Ryan, Maggie Volz, Jennifer McKay, Terry Arthur, Denise Gauthier, Lori Butler, (kneeling, l to r) Brynja Willis, and twins Camilla and Carrie Moore.

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