Silver Screen, April 1972
MEET ROGER DAVIS: Hollywood, much saddened by the needless, tragic death of young Pete Duel, went back to business as usual. First order of business--—replacing Pete on his weekly TV series. When Roger Davis took over same folks said his was a very unenviable role. Nonetheless, Roger picked up where Pete left off playing the character of Hannibal Hayes in ABC-TV's "Alias Smith and Jones." For your info, Roger hails from Louisville, Kentucky, was educated at New York's Columbia U., where he majored in English and Drama. After CU, Roger entered Harvard Law School but lasted there all of one week, leaving to accept a teaching fellowship at UCLA where he also got his Master's Degree. A few years ago, he was busy teaching English at UCLA when he was offered a part in a TV series, "The Gallant Men." He grabbed it and hasn't stopped working since. He's tall, blond, blue-eyed and--sorry ladies--married to actress-model Jaclyn Ellen Smith.
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