16, May 1972

Meet Roger Davis--again, that is! That's right, tube-lets, Roger is back on your very own home screen--and this time he's cutting a frantically funny figure as that outrageous outlaw Hannibal Heyes, alias Joshua Smith, that is. Yep, cowpokes--Roger has traded in his ghostly garb of ABC-TV's Dark Shadows days for these new dapper duds. Wow--and he sure looks groovy in his newest, gladdest rags--doesn't he?! Next Thursday, when you tune your telly in to ABC's Alias Smith And Jones, and you think Roger's voice sounds familiarly friendly as Hannibal Heyes--you're absolutely right! This all time fav's voice also introduces you to this nifty weekly series, as it has been since the beginning of the Smith And Jones series.

Five years ago, blond-haired, blue-eyed Roger got tired of teaching English Literature at UCLA--so he tested for and won a role in ABC's Gallant Men series! It was here that Roger climbed the first step into your hearts. Next, in ABC's Dark Shadows his acting versatility really became apparent. Multi-talented Roger played eight--count ‘em, eight--different parts and was mind-bogglingly magnificent. In fact, it was almost impossible to imagine that the same smashingly attractive actor was playing all these varied roles. But dynamite Davis can't fool you--as if he'd want to--you recognized him immediately and took him straight to your heart. He, in turn, met you through the pages of 16 and Spec--and has loved you ever since!

After Dark Shadows Roger took time off from the telly trail and did a stage play, chalking up another performance worthy of note! ABC knew a good thing when they saw it and promptly snatched up roguish Roger for some Movie Of The Week marvels. Remember The Young Country and River Of Gold? That's where Roger became yet another convincing character on celluloid--and proved that he was indeed at home in the saddle!

Roger's premiere performance as Hannibal Heyes in "The Biggest Game In The West" was utterly fantastik! Now that romantic Roger is regularly donning cowboy duds, he'll be joining Ben Murphy in the mad chase from the law every Thursday night. Be sure to finish your homework early cos these ridiculous gangster-pranksters will be permanent fixtures in your living room--if they have their way! So get ready to ride the range of the never-before-traveled west. These two groovy guys sure know how to show you a good time! So BEWARE--Smith and Jones' next caper is you!! They're planning to steal your heart!

(As of mid-March Alias Smith And Jones goes into reruns, which means you will be seeing segments featuring Pete Duel, filmed before his tragic death.)

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