Excerpt from MEOW
by Ann Moses
Tigerbeat, July 1971

Wouldn't you know it--we've been waiting for weeks to interview BEN MURPHY, but he's been so busy filming every day he had to cancel time and time again. Then, when he finally called and invited me to do the interview on the set at Universal Studios it was April 12th! Yes--the day of our surprise party for DAVID CASSIDY! So, Editorial Assistant Liz Dagucon covered the interview with mixed emotions--a little sad to mis DAVID'S party, but delighted to spend the afternoon with beautiful BEN.

When BEN filled out one of our questionaires recently he said that he was "happily single" in one of his answers, so as Liz went out the office door I called, "Be sure to find out WHY he's happily single." Well, as she found out, BEN has a great sense of humor and instead of telling her why, he decided to put it down in black and white in the form of a note to me! I've printed his note below and hope you get a kick out of it as I did!

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