unknown magazine, 1983

What would you do with a winning ticket? The stars of Lottery reveal their fantasies!
As Intersweep Bank representative Patrick Flaherty and IRS man Eric Rush, Ben Murphy and Marshall Colt turn lucky souls into instant millionaires each week on Lottery, and they're now often asked what they'd do if the tables were turned.

Marshall's answer is a fulfillment of a childhood dream. "I'd buy a high performance jet plane--that would be the biggest kick," says the ace pilot, who flies gliders for fun. He became fascinated with flying growing up in New Orleans, when trips to the Naval base in nearby Pensacola, Florida were a special treat. His plans for a career as a Navy pilot were dashed due to poor vision, but he did have the chance to fly with the Blue Angels last summer. In reality, Marshall spends and invests his money wisely--he has a stockbroker's license.

Ben is careful with money, too, and wouldn't be extravagant with his winnings. "I'd probably invest--I'm a saver by nature as opposed to a spendthrift. I've always lived below my means. I know a lot of people who spend whatever they make, but it's not my nature to be that way," he says. As some Lottery stories have proved, "money causes a lot of problems," reflects Ben. "The key is not to let it rule you, but to use it."

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