Tiger Beat, mid-1972
Ben Murphy's got a new co-star on television's "Alias Smith and Jones" named Roger Davis. But, Roger's more than just a co-worker, he's a friend whom Ben wants YOU to know more about!
IT'S EASY TO see that Roger Davis and Ben Murphy are two very dreamy guys! You've already met Ben here in Tiger Beat and now he wants you to know something about his new "Alias Smith and Jones" co-star Roger Davis. Roger's a bit larger than Ben, weighing in about 165 pounds and standing 6'1". He was born in Louisville, Ky., on April 5! Both Ben and Roger have blue eyes and blond hair and they both love having fans like you! Roger also likes to do TV commercials, so if you listen really hard you might hear his voice on a few current ones running on television this summer! Some of Roger's hobbies are reading, walking along the beach and listening to music.

ROGER REALLY LOVES playing the role of Hannibal Heyes. As your probably know he was once one of the stars on ABC's "Dark Shadows," and says the role as an outlaw is really a challenge! Other television shows Roger's been in were movies of the week, "MacBird", "The Young Country", and "River of Gold". Also done "Medical Center" and "The Bold Ones!".

IT'S HARD TO believe that someone as ruggedly handsome as Roger is really a family man at heart! But when he goes home after a full day at work, he enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife. Incidentally, Roger's wife is a talented actress and model named Jaclyn Ellen Smith, who you may even be familiar with! They make their home in a quiet section of Los Angeles, in the beautiful Westwood area.
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