teens NOW!, July 1972
He's a real live Hollywood bachelor, but Ben Murphy doesn't plan to stay in that category forever! You've probably heard that Ben really digs gals and dating the most, well, you're right on! How would YOU like to be THE girl in his life? After all, a single guy does tire of playing the field sooner or later!

Photo Caption: Ben admits that starring on "Alias Smith And Jones" takes up most of his time...girls come second to a building career.

Ben is an easygoing kind of guy, he dresses casually, likes health foods, plays tennis, goes skiing, holds two Bachelor Degrees, doesn't smoke, likes gals who won't say no to a last minute date, and is most concerned about the ecology of our land and water. He doesn't however, dig pretentious parties and phonyness [sic]. Ben is a romantic, and therefore likes the simple things in life... a drive in the country, (in his 1966 Aquamarine Chevy, of course!) a hand-in-hand walk on the beach, dinner in an out-of-the-way off-beat restaurant or a candlelight dinner in his small-but-comfortable apartment. Take note... the thing that turns Ben off... Jealousy!

When a gal is with Ben, she feels as though she's the only one in his life, his attention is on her at all times. There is no ego trip to talk about himself all evening, and he will often turn the conversation around if he finds that it is taking place. Ben feels that love is a 'giving' arrangement, and out of giving love is returned. So, warmth and tenderness are the qualities most likely to win Ben's heart. Of course, a gal who can handle a stimulating conversation on world events, literature, sports, art etc. is way out ahead of her nearest competitor. It's no secret that Ben will settle down someday, and he'll keep searching for THE girl to fill his days and nights with true love and affection. How about it gals, think you can fill the bill?

Photo Caption: Although Ben says he doesn't want to go steady for a long time, pretty Mary Jane Hickman seems to be high on his dating list.

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