By Judith Wills
UK magazine, 1972 or 1973

BEN MURPHY has studiously tried to avoid going anywhere near a school ever since he left his own a couple (!) of years ago. But there was one exception to this rule and it was an exception Ben thoroughly enjoyed.

This is how it happened - one day while Ben was working on Alias Smith and Jones, one of the construction men with the film crew came up to Ben and asked if he could do him a favour. "In my spare time along with a few of my friends, I help out at a school for orphans, which is run by some nice Catholic Nuns. Well, we've all decided to hold a grand carnival for all the kids in the area, and we want to get a couple of celebrities along. I wonder if you'd like to come?"

"Sure would I" said Ben. "And I'll tell you what. I'll ask my mate DANNY BONADUCE from the Partridge Family to come to!" That's just what Ben did - and here's what happened on the day.

"Is this how to handle a gun?" asks Danny.

Well, this is how you do it, shows Ben.

Up on stage Cowboy Joe cracks some jokes with Ben helping him along !

Ben and Danny have a rest after the shooting match.

Danny says Hi to the charming nuns who organised the carnival.

The carnival is over - and the nuns thank Ben for giving all the children such a wonderful time.

A pat on the head for one lucky lass !

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