flip, September 1971

Ben Murphy's career has taken a sudden, exciting jump this year with the success of his new series, "Alias Smith and Jones" on ABC. But his private life has stayed comfortably the same.

Ben still lives in his cluttered, casual garden apartment just ten minutes from the studio, he still has the same old friends and the same interests as he did before he became a star.

If you were a friend of Ben's droping in on him one Sunday morning, the pictures on these pages show you what you'd find!

Ben does most of his own housekeeping, except when he can talk a girlfriend into helping out. "A regular housekeeper would never put up with me!" he grins. Outside the door of his apartment you can see the swimming pool Ben shares with his neighbors.

Ben's bookcase reflects the wide range of his interests. He has books on investing in the stock market, acting, improving your memory, and health foods. And that's a skiing magazine on his desk!

In the kitchen, Ben's health foods compete for room with his schedules, scripts and address books. Cherry juice is a Murphy favorite, and he offers it to anyone who comes to visit.

Ben's neighbors are used to seeing him jogging around the grounds.

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