16 Magazine, August 1972
BIG, BAD ‘N BEAUTIFUL BEN MURPHY is the one guy in the whole wide world who really makes you flip—right?! You make sure that your Thursday night plans include a stop in front of your television set to check out the latest on this terrific dude--right?! And you've read everything that s ever been written about Ben in both 16 and SPEC—right?!!

Well, if you're that girl, then you'd better sit down while you read this--cos gorgeous Ben has a super-delicious secret to share with you! Ben's going to take you to his very own, very private summer paradise--and you're gonna be his special girl!

Ben called you late last night and said that he was sorry he hadn't had time to call you earlier-- but could you be ready at 8 o'clock this morning to go to the country with him? And he added, "I won't tell you exactly where we're going, cos it's my own secret summer paradise. Can you make it?"

Of course you said yes, and when you hung up the phone you were absolutely speechless! You couldn't figure out what to do first--there were just so many things you felt had to be done in such a short time! First you galloped over to your closet and--wouldn't you know it?!--nothing in it seemed right! But you weren't going to let a little thing like clothes bother you, so you took a second look and decided on jeans and your favorite T-shirt, your ratty old sneakers (just in case Ben's paradise included tennis--wouldn't it be great if he taught you how to play?!), your blue bathing suit (cos that's Ben's favorite color) and a pretty, ruffled dress to wear at night. Then you leaped into the shower and washed your hair, so that it would be beautiful and shiny for your super day with Ben!

Although you hardly slept a wink all night--cos you are so excited about your trip with Ben--you are ready by 7:45 A.M. You creep into the kitchen to throw together a quick snack for you and Ben to share on the way to his summer paradise. You grab some peaches and cherries and a chunk of cheese. As you wrap the food, you are lost in a daze of happiness.

The ringing doorbell startles you from your dream and you rush to answer it! The day has hardly begun--and there is gorgeous Ben Murphy standing on your doorstep!! His devilish blue eyes are looking straight into yours! "Hi! Come on in, Ben. I'm all ready!" you say. But you wonder if the words really came out of your mouth or if you just thought them. You must have said something, cos Ben picks up your tote and says, "C'mon, it's really a'-beautiful day out there!"

Ben opens the door to his green convertible for you and you hop in, sure that you are already in paradise. Ben says, "You might as well get comfortable, cos it's about a two-hour drive."

You tuck your feet under you and secretly wish you could find words to express your utter happiness. But you don't have to, cos Ben says, "You know, I'm really happiest this way--driving along under the open sky with you beside me!"

Time flies by so quickly you can hardly believe, it when Ben suddenly says, "We're almost there, so get ready for one of the most beautiful places you've ever seen!"

And beautiful it is! As Ben and you drive up a winding, shaded road, you are positive that this is the most beautiful place you've ever been in your young lifetime. You can hear the ocean roaring in the distance, so you know the beach can't be far away. As the convertible rounds one last curve, you are awed by the sight of a huge, stately mansion with massive white pillars. "Pretty great, huh'?" Ben says, pulling up under the portico and leaping out of the car. As he opens the door for you, you take a deep breath--because you can't believe this is really happening to you. Ben takes your hand in his and gently leads you up the steps. As you reach the door, Ben stops, turns to you and softly whispers in your ear, "I've got a fabulous surprise for you!"

What secret surprise is waiting for you inside the magnificent white mansion? To find out, be sure to get the September issue of 16, on sale July 20--and share Ben's loving dreams as they come true in his secret summer paradise!!

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