Photo Screen, July 1973
Gals and love have a place in his world, but "home" is a haven for Ben alone
Where does Ben Murphy (alias Kid Curry) hang his hat at night? Same place he did before Alias Smith & Jones bowed, became a hit, then lost public favor when Pete Duel's death necessitated a change of partners. Ben's apartment house caters to "singles," which suits him tine. For though he digs chicks and loves to date, he also likes to be alone--to read (just about everything), write (he hopes to make something from piles of travel notes), study scripts. Axing of his show was disappointing, but he hadn't "gone Hollywood" so there were no how-to-keep-living-high blues!

His apartment is furnished in "cheap motel plastic," according to Ben. It suits him to a T when he's not indulging in outdoor sports.

It's back to guest stints for Ben since his series was cancelled. A perennial student, he also has time to hit the books--on theatre arts.

A "survivor" himself, Ben just can't understand those who give up on life. There's still so much he wants to do.

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