TV and Movie Screen, March 1973
Would you believe Roger Davis, the likeable Hannibal Heyes of the now-canceled Alias Smith and Jones, was once an English teacher? Even though he studied drama in college, he wasn't sure acting was the career for him so he started teaching freshman English at UCLA. But when a part in the TV series, The Gallant Men, was offered to him, he quickly left the halls of learning. This led to guest shots, a daytime series and eventually the part of Hannibal Heyes. However Roger was never one to put all his eggs in one basket and he bought several apartment buildings as an investment to tide him over when Alias Smith and Jones went off the air. So now Roger is digging into his role of landlord and loving every minute of it!
Multi-talented Roger Davis has recently added directing to his show business career. But when he jumped to help with the nitty gritty work of installing a swimming pool at one of his apartment buildings, he found a construction sites isn't much like a movie set!

No one can call Roger an absentee landlord--he wants to know exactly what's happening.

All work and no play makes a dull boy! After a hard morning's work, Roger and the crew relax over a beer and small talk before digging in for the rest of the day's work!

Even though Alias Smith and Jones is no longer on the air, you'll be seeing a lot more of Roger--he's already received many film offers!

Most actors relax by the pool, but Mr. Davis thinks working on a pool is a better way to spend his time.

Once a freshman English teacher at UCLA, Roger seems to be able to adapt himself to anything.

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