Melanie Magazine, March 30, 1974
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When Diane phoned me from London to ask if I'd do a column in Melanie, was I excited! See, I just don't get time to write to all my fans - or even get to meet everyone - specially you lovely girls in Britain. So this was just what I'd been waiting for - a chance to say a very personal "Hi" and to answer some of your questions. I'll be writing for you every fortnight - so start those letters coming in right now, huh? Now here goes with my very first column...

Can you start out by giving some of your vital statistics?
Joanne White, Hanley, Staffs.
Sure Joanne - that's always a good start! I was born in Jonesburo, Arkansas on March 6, 1942! That makes me 32 now! I'm about 5' 11" tall and weigh roughly 170 pounds, give or take a couple when I go off my diet! I've got light brown hair, blue eyes and once in a while I like growing a moustache!

Are you single? I've got my fingers crossed!  
Angela Peterson, Manchester.
Happily so! I enjoy the variety of girls I date - and I like girls. Besides, my work means that I spend a lot of time away from home and that would be hard with a family. I don't go steady, and I really love blind dates!

When did you decide to make acting your career?
Susan Allen, Leicester.
Well, let's see. I grew up in a small community of about 15,000 people. I originally wanted to have a career in basebball, but somehow it didn't seem to have the creative outlet I was looking for. I tried writing (which I still love) and painting even, then acting. Somehow I knew that was what I'd been searching for.

'Alias Smith and Jones' is a big hit here in England, but what have you been doing since filming stopped?
Jennifer Stubbs, Blackpool.
I've been very busy, Jen. I did a lot of guest-star roles on different series, some television movies, and of course I had a new series for a while with Lorne Green called 'Griff'. But that didn't last too long!

What was a typical shooting day like during 'Smith and Jones'?
Eileen Kelly, N. Ireland.
The shooting schedule was really rough. We had to be there at 7.30 in the morning, but that wasn't bad because I lived so close I could get up at quarter to seven. Then we worked through till about 1 p.m., broke for an hour lunch and came back to shoot until 7.00 p.m. When we went out on location, which happened a lot, we had to be there about 6.30 a.m. Since I had to drive out to where we were shooting, I had to leave by 5.30 in the morning! Then after work I had to drive about an hour back. Phew!

Do you have any special things you like to do on a date?
Petra Walters, Seaford, Sussex.
No, I like casual things. I love just sitting around together, being with one another, reading. I like day-time dates too - playing tennis. I love a girl can play tennis!

Stay happy, love,

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