Two Short Newspaper Items on the Recast
Dallas Morning News, January 5, 1972

Roger Davis has been signed to replace Peter Duel in ABC's "Alias Smith and Jones." Davis, who has been doing many commercials, sounds a great deal like Henry Fonda and starred with Duel in a comic western "Movie of the Week" last season titled "The Young Country."
Finding a replacement could not have been an easy task for the network since a great deal of the series' marginal success was no doubt due to the chemistry between Duel and co-star Ben Murphy.
Segments already filmed with Duel will continue to be run for the remainder of the month. Davis will begin appearing in the series in the Feb. 3 episode.
Roger Davis has been signed to replace Pete Duel in the ABC-Ch. 8 series, Alias Smith and Jones. First appearance of young Davis will be in the Feb. 3 episode. Davis has a number of TV credits and is best identified by his voice which sounds like a young Henry Fonda. He is much in demand for commercials because of his voice quality. Interestingly, Davis appeared in a Universal-produced World Premiere film which featured characters very similar to the ones developed in Alias Smith and Jones. Los Angeles police continue to believe that Duel's fatal wound was self-inflicted.

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