Salisbury Post, Entertainment Section, January 15, 1972
Roger Davis has been signed to replace the recently deceased Peter Duel in the role of Hannibal Heyes in the ABC Television Network series, "'Alias Smith and Jones."

Davis will co-star with Ben Murphy who plays Jed "Kid" Curry in the western comedy series.

Davis begins work immediately in the episode, "The Biggest Game in the West," currently before the cameras. Only scenes in which the late Duel had not appeared will be retained from earlier filming.

"The Biggest Game in the West," which airs Thursday, February 3, is the 19th episode for the 1971-72 season. Four more episodes are to be filmed.

Davis, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, was graduated from Columbia University in New York City and has a Masters Degree from UCLA. He made his professional debut in the network's "The Gallant Man." Later he played eight different roles in "Dark Shadows", the daytime drama series which enjoyed a long run on ABC Television Network. Davis also co-starred in two 90-minute films which aired on the network's "Movie of the Week" series, "The Young Country" and "River of Gold."

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