Excerpt from STAR BRIGHT
Unknown teen magazine, 1972
ROGER DAVIS, the young actor who took over as Hannibal Heyes in "Alias Smith and Jones" is very interested in boxing. So much so that he's financially backing a Golden Gloves contender! The boy is 16-year-old Randy Shiels, son of Roger's stand-in and double.
Boxing isn't BEN MURPHY's bag, but keeping fit definitely is! Whenever Ben takes a girl to dinner, she may as well resign herself to alfalfa sprouts and similar goodies (they really are good, you know) because Ben now eats out only at health food restaurants.
This summer, Ben's touring in a stage play (the tour starts in Lubbock, Texas) called "The Moon Is Blue" and how's this for a niffy traveling companion? His touring co-star is none other than KAREN VALENTINE of "Room 222."
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