16 Magazine, June 1972
BEN MURPHY is definitely a Pisces--of that you can be sure--but didja ever wonder what that really means?! Well, astrology is the prediction of human behavior based on the day you were born and the position of the sun, moon and stars in the celestial heavens. When Ben was born, on March 6th, the sun was in the zone of the zodiac called Pisces, and with that bit of information you--with the help of astrology writer Linda Goodman--can tell a whole lot about Ben Murphy's character and personality! And with the help of good old 16, you're going to learn everything about Ben's love traits!! As a matter of fact, after reading his Love-O-Scope, you may discover that you are the very girl this big, bad 'n beautiful bachelor has been looking for all his life!l!


The typical Pisces person is free of greed. There's a lack of intensity, almost a carelessness about tomorrow. There's also an intuitive knowledge of "yesterday" and a gentle acceptance of today. Pisceans have a charming manner and a good nature, but they also have quite a temper! Humor is one of their secret weapons and they often grin to hide unshed tears. They have a great feeling of compassion and a true desire to help the sick and weak. Pisces people are much stronger than they think and wiser than they know, but Neptune guards this secret until they discover it for themselves!


A Pisces male can be everything you want him to be--or everything you don't want him to be! Most Pisces people are dreamers and have a lovely imagination. Pisces boys fairly breathe romance and can be a real "catch" for any girl. They are seldom jealous and are romantic lovers who can talk about everything under the sun. If Pisces people can be helped to turn their dreams into realities by the ones who love them--they can be the happiest of signs. Just serve them a dream for breakfast, a clever joke for lunch and good music for dinner--and they will sparkle like the brightest star?

O.K.--now you know Ben's general Piscean character and Love Aspects, but it's the influence of Ben's moon sign, Libra, that makes him the sweet 'n sexy guy he is!


Ben, like all Pisces, is super-sensitive, but because his moon is in Libra, he has an extra gentleness--which you've already noticed in "Kid Curry" on Alias Smith And Jones in your Thursday night ABC-TV gazing. Ben's quiet, but he's definitely not shy. No, luvvies, that silent manner is because he's so strong! When you think that Ben's not listening to you, he's really turning your thoughts over in his mind--and he's not about to speak until he's thought it all out by himself first. So if you need immediate answers to questions, Ben's not the guy to ask! And if you can possibly help it, don't put little burdens on him, cos this guy always wants to know about the "big" ideas going on in your head--not the little details! Ben's a dreamer, though--so beware! If you bug him with too many specifics, he's apt to tune you right out and enter his own inner-dream world, where things can always happen his way. You'll have to use your imagination to reach elusive Ben, cos he's not about to come "down" to the real world!

And it's not likely that he'll tell you much at the beginning of your romance. This clear-eyed dreamer will probably hold back his thoughts and feelings until he's very sure of you and your genuine love for him. In order to make Ben happy, you're going to have to give him lots of love, reassurance and affection. But, once you've proved yourself, his love is going to be worth every minute you had to wait for it!

Ben is loyal and he expects any girl who loves him to be loyal too--to herself, to him and to others. His friends and family are very important to him, and to love him--you must be willing to share him. Many people trust Ben and tell him all their problems--and you will have to stand behind him, showing your deepest faith in him in a quiet, undemanding way.

Ben will take you "places" you've never even imagined--let alone seen! Places so beautiful that you won't ever be able to describe them--not even to yourself. And once you've been "there" with Ben, you'll always want to go bask--again and again. He'll take you cos he wouldn't have let you join him in the first place if he didn't want you with him --forever!!

(*Character and Love Aspects from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Taplinger Publishing Company, New York City. Available at your local bookstore.)

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