Tiger Beat Spectacular, November 1971


I'm really big on health foods, and eat only foods that are good for me. They keep you feeling great!

I try to be honest at all times.

I constantly read and try to further my education, because you can never know too much!

I'm always willing to do something different: to go places I have never been before, and meet people I have never met before. Who knows? Some day it may be YOU!

I exercise each day to keep in shape. I can't help but feel great with my exercise and health foods!

I am never completely satisfied with myself and always try to do a better job next time, and set new career goals.

I am absolutely delighted by all the fan mail I have received lately. It really helps brighten every day. I try to read as many letters as I can.


I lose my temper more than I'd like to.

I often do things without thinking, on the spur of the moment, that I'm sorry for later.

I forget important birthdays!

Sometimes I find myself "girl-watching" when I should be concentrating on something else!

I get angry when I see rivers and lakes that kill fish; all I can do is ask myself, WHY?

Once in a while I get so involved in a project that I forget everyone and everything around me. It takes a good nudge to snap me out of it!

I wish I could be more patient with people who have a negative outlook on life.

I feel down when I realize that I cannot meet all the wonderful people who've sent me all those wonderful letters. They are really appreciated!

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