16 Magazine, January 1972
BEN MURPHY is very much a single guy--and he loves girls! The trouble is that Ben finds being single can get to be a little lonely sometimes. So he's looking for a girl who will brighten up his life--and make it more fulfilling! Read on and discover if you are the girl who can fill Ben's empty hours with the romance and warmth he needs!

Ben has an on-the-go personality. He's always off doing something--like skiing or playing tennis--and there's nothing he likes better than having a girl be on the go with him! Of course, Ben realizes that a constant diet of sports and action doesn't make for a particularly romantic dating life--and Ben is a romantic! He can be just as happy holding your hand and walking through a field of wild flowers! And don't be surprised when Ben picks a beautiful yellow dandelion and places it in your hair. This is just one of the little romantic gestures he's been known to do! He's always letting you know that he's pleased to be with you--and a super-bright smile from you lets him know you're pleased!

When day is done, Ben really enjoys going to a good movie with a girl friend. Try not to be too surprised or too shy when affectionate Ben takes your hand or gives you a comforting hug if the movie's a thriller! This is another way Ben lets you know he's thinking of you! A quite home-cooked dinner with soft romantic music is especially appreciated by Ben--cos a bachelor living alone goes to all those impersonal restaurants too, too often! When evening is done Ben always lets his date know he's had a good time--so when he takes you home he'll give you a light and tender kiss to say thank you for a wonderful evening! And to thank you for filling his hours with warmth and affection!


Ben Murphy may be single now, but his plans are not to remain that way forever. Ben wants to find the right girl to share his days and nights with--to marry and settle down on a large ranch and to raise a family. These are plans which Ben thinks about quite often--and all he needs is that special girl to make this a dream come true. Until Ben finds her, he's going to keep searching. He doesn't believe in rushing into love--cos he wants it to be the real thing, not just blind romantic affection. Ben Murphy's a guy who enjoys loving and being loved. A bachelor's life can be very lonely--so it's up to you to be the kind of girl who finds her way to Ben's heart. Are you the kind of girl who can fill Ben's empty hours with love--and give him the warm and tenderness he needs so much?!

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