SPEC 16 Magazine, October 1972
YOU REALLY DIDN'T MEAN FOR IT TO HAPPEN--but somehow, you just couldn't help it. It's not that you are a plotting, conniving, sneaky person, but--well, after all, you are curious when it comes to big, bad ‘n beautiful Ben Murphy. Who wouldn't be? But to take a natural thing like curiosity so far!!

It all started when your parents took you with them on a vacation to Hollywood, California, and you begged, begged, BEGGED them to let you visit the homes of the Hollywood stars-especially Ben Murphy's. Your parents wanted to visit some old friends of theirs, so they finally said you could go by yourself on the tour! Armed with your Instamatic, you climbed aboard the bus and got ready for one of the most exciting adventures you'd ever undertaken by yourself.

You decided that it would be a good thing to make friends with the bus driver--because he could be really helpful to you. It wasn't difficult, cos there weren't very many people on the bus that day. As he drove around the Hollywood Hills, describing who lived where and pointing out important details, you paid special attention to what the driver said. Every now and then you asked him a question to let him know that you were truly interested.

Suddenly, the bus pulled into the bus station and the driver thanked all the passengers for coming. "But we didn't get to see Ben Murphy's house--and that's why I came on this tour," you said politely, trying to cover up an inner frantic feeling.

"Well, little lady, Ben Murphy's house is not on the scheduled tour. But in your case, I'll make an exception and we'll roll by there right now."

The driver closed the door to the big bus, started the engine and slowly pulled into the traffic. After a short drive, he pulled up to a quadrangle of low apartment buildings and said, "Here we are. I'll wait in the bus while you go have a look."

You fly across the pavement and find yourself by the huge swimming pool Ben is so proud of. You stand there, frozen in awe at the fact that you are actually in Ben Murphy's "private" backyard! Slowly, you start to walk around the courtyard, glancing at the names on the doors of the apartments facing the pool. All of a sudden you see the name Murphy on one of the doors. You stop, take a deep breath and gently try the door. You can't believe it when the door opens! And you can't help it when you find yourself standing in Ben Murphy's two-room apartment! Silently, and seemingly without your knowledge, your feet slide across the floor until you find that you are--


You walk over to the chair on which Ben's jeans are thrown and you run your hand over them. You see his sandals lying on the floor. You are fascinated by the many books Ben has in his bedroom--and you read every title. Propped against the wall is his trusty guitar, and you walk over to it and run your fingers across the strings. The noise scares you, and you move quickly towards the bed (unmade} and sit down. Beside a script from Alias Smith And Jones you see a file folder lying on the bed. You pick it up and hug it to your chest. Then you notice the typewriter in the corner, the wastebasket with the crumpled "misses" lying all around it, and the stack of paper on the table.

You start to shake. Very carefully, you open the folder and read "SCENE I." You realize that this must be the screenplay you've read about that Ben's working on!! You take a deep breath --and you are about to turn the page when--


"May I help you?" Ben inquires, smiling. You find that you are speechless and that all you can do is stare at him with wide eyes and an open--but soundless--mouth.

"What's your name?" You nod, as if that were an answer to Ben's second question. "Well," Ben pauses, smiles and continues, "perhaps I can show you the way out--you seem lost." Ben takes your hand and pulls you to your feet.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--" you stammer.

"Don't worry, it wasn't your fault. Here--why don't you put that to good use?" Ben points to the camera dangling around your neck. 'I'll stand right here by the door and you can take the picture. Just push the button." Somehow your fingers do as he tells them, but they don't feel connected to your hands.

"Didja come on that bus parked outside?" Ben asks.

"Um-huh." You feel numb all over.

"Well, why don't I walk you back to it," Ben says taking your arm, "to be sure you don't get lost."

Time has stopped for you. This has all happened so fast that you're not even sure who you are anymore- let alone the fact that this is Ben Murphy you're with! Too soon. you are at the bus and Ben is saying to the driver, "Please take good care of this young lady for me, O.K.?"

"Sure thing, Mr. Murphy." the driver says. He starts up the engine, closes the bus door and the bus roars down the street. The tears are streaming down your face--you didn't even remember to say goodbye to Ben! You begin to sob, but then you feel the weight of the camera around your neck and you start to smile. You've got a picture of Ben Murphy in your possession! You start to laugh, and the laugh grows into a shout--

"Wow! I met him! I saw him!! I talked to him!!! He was so nice--I can't believe it! And I didn't mean for it to happen that way--oh, WOW! Ben is the nicest guy in the world--what if he'd--what if? Yeow! I'll bet I'm the only girl who's been in his house--in his bedroom--totally by accident!"

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