SPEC 16 Magazine, March 1972

BEN ("Kid Curry"--alias "Jones") MURPHY is, without a doubt, looking around for love! He doesn't think of himself as someone all the girls flip over, but you can bet that plenty of girls do! And super-handsome Ben, who is sought-after all the time, is super-easy to love! There are quite a few reasons for this--and now you're going to find out what they are! So, if you're curious about that special something Ben Murphy has, read on and find out all about his sexy secrets!!

1. The first time outasite Ben Murphy meets a girl, he doesn't like to come on strong--cos sometimes that turns a girl off. But he does want her to know that he'd like to see her again. So, even if it's the first time, he will say something like "I dig your outfit" or "You have outasite eyes." That's your sign that he notices you!
2. First dates can sometimes be awkward, cos many people try to impress others instead of just being themselves. So this Murphy doll likes to break the ice as soon as possible--and he might take you somewhere where you are more likely to be yourself. Baseball games and other sporting events can make a person open up, cos everyone else just lets loose and the atmosphere is conducive to being natural--so a sporting event may be just the place Ben takes you on your first date with him.
3. Ben loves to be alone with a girl too. Of course, when you go to a baseball game or something like that, there are thousands of people around--but if you get across the feeling that just the two of you are there, then you've got something going! And that's what Ben tries to do whenever he's with a girl.
4. When dynamite Ben goes out on a date, he wants the girl to know that he's gonna protect her--that she doesn't have to be afraid of anything when they're together! It's fun for Ben to go to a thriller-type movie, and if you get nervous-- he'll squeeze your hand and hold you tight! This way, you'll feel that as long as the two of you are together, everything will be just right!
5. You might think that Ben is forward, but he likes it when a girl can cook--so, after the first date, he might ask you if you'd make dinner for him. Of course, he'll help with the cooking, If asked--since it's lotsa fun to do it together! And after dinner, Ben might take out his guitar and make up a song--just for you! That's his way of saying thanks for the great dinner--and your company!
6. Ben likes to give flowers to a girl. He thinks the reason why he prefers flowers to any other kind of gift is because they are pretty, delicate and smell good. And ya' know, these are the same qualities Ben looks for in a girl! Usually, he gives a girl wild flowers that he has picked himself. Wild flowers express his ideas on freedom, nature and people. If you understand Ben, you'll understand the meaning of his gifts. It's part of him!
7. This doll gives books as gifts pretty often. He reads an awful lot, and he finds that through books you can learn so much about people and the world. If Ben is interested in something, he might get a book about it and give it to you. This way, you can share his interests with him. And if Ben gives you a book, he'll write something on the first page. This might be a note telling you what the book meant to him, or why he thinks you'll dig it. That gives his gifts o personal touch.
8. Once in a while, sentimental Ben will call up a girl he's dating and say, "Tonight is your night. You decide where you want to go--and don't tell me in advance. Just take me there and surprise me!" It's a fun thing to do, and it also lets you know--if you're the girl!--that Ben cares about the things you care about. By the way, the wilder the choices--the more intrigued Ben becomes!
9. Sometimes Ben likes to tell a girl what he's thinking, but he doesn't always express himself the way he wants to when he's with her. In that case, he might make a tape recording and send it to her. It's a personal thing she can keep forever--and it's a real expression of Ben's inner feelings.
10. The best way to let someone know you care is through your actions. A kiss can tell someone quite a bit about what you're thinking or how you feel. So, when your evening with Ben is over, instead of saying "Thank you for a great evening," fantastic Ben will say it with a hug--and a kiss!

WOW! This guy is a sex-y lovable doll! You now know his innermost secrets--his love secrets! it sure sounds like Ben would be a groovy guy to date. But that's up to you! Now that you know everything--are you ready for him?!

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